Items for Donation

Community Service VP: Pam Seboldt-Reilly

The members of The Greater St. Louis Knitters’ Guild make a variety of beautiful and creative knitted items that are distributed to people in our community through a number of organizations that recognize who can most benefit from the warm items. Many generous people donate yarn and needles for our projects.

Chemo Caps

Soft yarn is knitted into comfortable hats that are lightweight, fun to knit and wear plus quick to make!

Baby Hats

Our area hospitals are eager to receive hats for newborns. There are never enough hats to meet the need.

DO use acrylic, machine washable yarn in baby, sport, or DK

DON’T use wool for preemies — wool around oxygen can spark

  • a preemie cap should fit over an orange
  • a regular baby cap should fit over a grapefruit

Hats for Kids

Cute, colorful knitted caps from a variety of patterns are delivered each fall to various agencies to help warm hundreds of children each year.