Q: How many members are in the guild?
A: As of January 2018, we have about 206 members.

Q: When & where does the guild meet?
A: Check meeting information to the right.

Q:What do you do at the meetings?
A: The first hour is a business meeting, then after a short break, the second hour is an instructional program on some knitting topic. Usually, the last 15 minutes we have a Show & Share so members can show off some of their finished knitting projects.

Q: Can I visit before joining your group? Can I bring a friend?
A: Certainly! You and your friend(s) can visit twice before we ask you to join us!

Q: How much are dues?
A: Dues are only $15 per year. There is also a lifetime member rate after 10 years of membership. Our Application is here

Q: How long before I get my membership card?

A. It normally takes two weeks or so to process your dues – you will receive a welcome letter (email or mailed) from our membership chair. The letter can be used for your guild discount until you receive your membership card. The membership card and name badge will be available at an upcoming guild meeting.  if it is not picked up, it will be mailed to you.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the guild?
A: A monthly online newsletter, opportunities to attend professional workshops, discounts at some local yarn shops, attend social functions such as our potluck luncheon & founders day luncheon, attend knit-ins and knit-aways (weekend getaway just to knit, have fun & maybe learn something new!). Being around other knitters and seeing what they’re knitting is very inspiring. You can also get knitting help from our “designated knitter” (available before the monthly meeting from 1:30 to 2:00) or during the month, from two “on-call” knitters (please have your pattern instructions handy when you call).

Q: Where can I learn how to knit?
A: Most of the yarn shops in town give knitting lessons (either individual or small group), a few shops will give free lessons if you purchase your yarn/materials there.   We also have a few guild member who give lessons.  Call some of the Yarn Shops near you to see what their rates are or email info@gslkg.com

Q: I’m a beginner, do I need to be an expert knitter to join?
A: Not at all, the guild gives you lots of opportunities to learn and improve your knitting skills.

Q: I’m a beginner, how do I get help?
A: The guild has a “designated knitter” available before the monthly meeting from 1:30 to 2:00. Look for the person with the “designated knitter” badge.  Plus, during the month, there are two “on-call” knitters listed in the newsletter who can help you with your knitting questions (please have your pattern instructions handy when you call).

Q: Do you ever cancel meetings due to weather?
A: Meetings are cancelled if the library closes or if the weather is dangerous enough that government officials ask drivers to stay off the road. Even if there’s no government announcement, the Board Members may decide to cancel in the case of dangerous driving conditions. We ask that each member also use her/his judgement with regard to safety. Cancellation notices are sent via Remind and posted on Facebook and Ravelry.

Q: What is a knit-along?
A: Knit-alongs are usually held 90 minutes prior to our normal monthly meeting. A small group of interested knitters meets for three months to learn a technique or work on a project. Often, the group may provide each other support via e-mail or telephone. Prior knit-along subjects have been: socks, double-knitting, modular knitting, and Medrith Glover’s Circumnavigated Cardigan.  See Knit-Along for info.

Q: What is a knit-in and where do they meet?
A: A knit-in is a group of Guild members who meet in their homes or another place such as a restaurant, bookstore, or library to knit, exchange patterns, help each other with techniques, and become better acquainted with other members of the Guild.  Click on the Knit-Ins Schedule for more details!

Q: Does your group do charity knitting?
A: Yes, click on Supported Charities to see which groups we support. All members have access to a packet of Free Guild Patterns when they join the guild. Yarn is available at the meetings to take home and use for charity knitting projects.